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Repair Warranty and Return Policy

Automation Repair understands the importance of a quality repair. Down time for any reason is not acceptable and incurs costs that go far beyond the price of the repaired item. “AR” makes every effort to insure your repaired unit performs at or above OEM specifications. “AR” has a program in place to replace all high failure rate components as standard practice (Not just the parts that failed). All items are QA inspected before shipment.

In the case of a warranty claim, please call before returning the item. No RMA number is necessary. All items are fully tested and quality control checked to meet or exceed OEM specifications. In the unusual event the item needs to be returned, call us first, many problems can be solved over the phone. Our phone number is (586)741-5382. Business hours are from 7:00AM to 3:45PM EST.

When returning an item under possible warranty please include a detailed description of the problem. This will help to affect a speedy remedy to the problem.

All repairs come with a "One Year Warranty", unless otherwise noted. The "One Year Warranty" Period Starts from the date of the invoice.

The Warranty covers the whole unit and not just the parts that were replaced.

All Warranty repair work will be handled as a “Rush Repair” and given first priority.

The warranty is voided if the product is used outside the OEM specifications. This includes physical damage, improper installation, incorrect wiring, improper voltage, environmental failures such as excessive temperatures, contamination including dirt, oil, corrosion, humidity, water damage, acts of god/nature, etc.

A final warranty determination (Granted or Denied) will be determined after inspection of the item and is at the sole discretion of Automation Repair.

Remedy will consist of repairing or replacing the unit, or a refund, (in cases where the item is not repairable and a replacement is not available).

Breaking the warranty seal voids the warranty.

Shipping to our facility is the customer’s responsibility. In cases where the warranty is granted AR will pay return shipping costs.

Automation Repair cannot be held liable for improper use or any consequential damage caused by the repaired item.

We are neither a representative nor an authorized distributor of the product we are selling or repairing. We do not service or honor the manufacturer’s warranty.

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